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Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer line problems can and do occur. Failure or damage in sewer lines is usually due to one of four factors:

  • Aging sewer line materials degrading, e.g. cast iron pipes rusting out, leaking or bursting
  • Sewer line pipe connections that become cracked or misaligned
  • Impaction to sewer lines from tree roots, construction, etc.
  • Solid waste disposal clogging sewer lines to point of bursting or breaking
  • Extreme temperatures, particularly extreme cold, lead to burst pipes

What are some warning signs that your sewer line is failing or has broken?

  • Wastewater backups or sanitary sewers backed up
  • Bad odour, e.g. sewer gas etc.
  • Flooding around the foundation or basement; or standing water on the property (does it smell?!)
    worker inspects sewer line issues
  • Leaking pipes in your home or commercial facility
  • Water draining slowly from toilets, tubs & sinks
  • Mould in walls and/or ceilings
  • Drop in water pressure (check toilet bowl levels)
  • Water bill is much higher than normal
  • Indentation or dip on lawn or driveway (above main sewer line)

If you are noticing some of these signs, you may have a broken or failing sewer line.